Tata Chemicals

Tata Chemicals (TCL) is the second largest producer of soda ash in the world. It is India's market leader in the branded and iodised salt segment as well as in urea and phosphatic fertilisers.

Established in 1939 at Mithapur in the Indian state of Gujarat, TCL has, over the last few years, invested in increasing its stake in the global soda ash business. It has acquired UK-based Brunner Mond group and American company General Chemical Industrial Products Inc, making the conglomerate the second largest soda ash producer in the world.

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Safety is a state of mind

Employee accountability and benchmarked safety practices have helped Tata Chemicals keep its people and environment safe

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      Okhai, a rural women's collective supported by Tata Chemicals, provides women with sustainable livelihoods by combining their traditional artisanal skills and entrepreneurial zeal to create and market branded products