February 05, 2001 | Economic Times

Satish Pradhan to head Tatas' HR operations

The Tatas have roped in Satish Pradhan of ICI plc to head its human resources function at a group level. Pradhan, who is currently organisation design and development manager and head of global learning at ICI in London, will join the Tata group as executive vice-president, effective April 1.

He will be responsible for leadership development at a group level and will report to R Gopalakrishnan, executive director, Tata Sons.

The group HR function will be divided into three divisions, each headed by a vice-president who will report to Pradhan. Each group will have responsibility for driving HR initiatives at 6-7 of the large companies within the Tata fold. The House of Tatas comprises 80 companies of which 20 companies alone account for about 85-90 per cent of the group’s annual revenues.

The first group will be headed by Alex Emmanuel who has recently moved to Tata Sons from Tata Liebert. Emmanuel’s group will be responsible for corporate management development, performance management, potential assessment, succession planning, group mobility, compensation structuring and work level deployment.

The second group will be headed by Allen Sequeira, who has joined the Tatas from Castrol India where he was vice-president, human resources. Sequeira’s group will be involved in the selection process for filling in vacancies at the top three work levels of various companies.

At the Tata group, the work level is defined by size and complexity of the company as well as the manager’s function. Tata Administrative Services will fall under Sequeira’s group. His group will also be responsible for creating the Tata talent list which will involve identifying top-performers within the group and drawing outside talent.

The third group will be responsible for the training of Tata employees and also the Tata Management Training Centre at Pune. The hunt is still on for a suitable person to head this group.

The Tatas have already formulated a centralised human resources strategy that is expected to be put in place over the next 18 months. This policy will standardise remuneration and HR policy across group companies, and will be coordinated by the group executive’s office at a group level, instead of individual companies as is the current practice.

The GEO’s HR mandate is to attract good people, retain the better ones and advance the best performers. It proposes to do this by constructing an integrated HR system in which the central backbone will be the Tata Work Level.