May 13, 2004

Tata Motors launches the Tata LPT 909EX Turbo Truck

A definite winner and the first of its kind in the 6-tonne payload segment
  • Offers highest payload capacity
  • LPT 909EX is adaptable for both urban and rural transportation.
  • Designed and engineered to offer maximum ride and handling characteristics.
  • In-built aesthetics and safety features.
  • Ensures higher operational profitability and superior reliability

Tata Motors, India’s largest commercial vehicles manufacturer, today unveiled the new LPT 909EX Turbo Truck, a first of its kind by Tata Motors in the very competitive 6-tonne payload segment. The LPT 909EX is part of the EX Series of vehicles and is geared to meet highly demanding applications, both on the highway and within city limits. It is the most reliable, economical and operationally profitable vehicle in its segment.

The LPT 909EX is aimed at providing solutions to a gamut of transport applications. Ranging from inner city and regional distribution to long distance trips, it is a true champion and is ideal for a national highway and narrow rural roads.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Shyam Mani, vice president (sales and marketing) commercial vehicle business unit, Tata Motors, said, "The Tata LPT 909EX is yet another offering from Tata Motors designed and built to meet the changing requirements and exacting standards of our customers. At Tata Motors, the focus has been on developing vehicles that meet the operational demands of the customer, while up-scaling aspects on ride and handling characteristics, driver comfort, in cabin aesthetics and safety features."

The vehicle has the highest payload of 6-tonnes as compared to other vehicles offered in this segment. It comes with a strengthened suspension and chassis, and the highest gross vehicle weight (GVW) in its class. All these factors contribute to ensuring greater revenue and more uptime. The LPT 909EX is available in 3400mm and 3800mm wheelbases.

It sports a turbo-charged intercooler (TCIC) engine, which provides the highest torque in this category. In addition, the superior TCIC engine ensures a higher fuel-average. The vehicle has the largest tyres (8.25 x 16-16 PR) in this category, enabling greater load-carrying capacity as well as longer tyre-life.

The vehicle ensures complete safety and foolproof braking under any conditions, with any load, due to its full air S-Cam brakes with load compensating reduction valve (LCRV), which is easily the most advanced in this segment. It also offers enhanced manoeuvrability by virtue of its lowest turning circle diameter (of 12.3 m. for the 3400 wheelbase).

The vehicle offers a deluxe cabin with features including ergonomic 4-way adjustable drivers seats, headrests on all seats, aesthetic interiors in grey tones, tinted glasses to cut off the glare, greatly reduced NAVY levels and an additional mirror on the co-driver side for better visibility. This gives a car-like feel to the LPT 909EX and makes it the most comfortable vehicle in its category.

The LPT 909 EX enjoys the Tata advantage of a 3lakh km / 3 year warranty on the vehicle and access to the nationwide network of 1100-plus certified service centres. Tata Motors also provides a comprehensive annual maintenance contract facility under the Sampoorna Seva Scheme that ensures superior hassle-free service.

The 24-hour toll-free nationwide help line can be accessed at 1-600-115-370.
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